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Nanography is the newest printing technology in digital print, recently launched by Landa Group, the company founded by Benny Landa, a real guru in printing industry. Nanography printing process – unveiled at drupa 2016 is based on Landa NanoInk ink, with nano-pigments, ejected on a warm transporter. As the water evaporates the drops flatten and mix to create a very thin polymeric film. With a 500 nm thickness (the thinnest printing method) the image is then transferred to the substrate, forming abrasion resistance.

Unlike other inks used in printing processes, Landa NanoInk does not penetrate below the surface of the substrate. The result? An image with vivid clear colours which can be obtained on paper, plastic or packaging films.

Nanography printing advantages

  • Ink itself – NanoInk is delivered under the form of a viscous liquid to which water is added inside the press (after being de-ionized). This method allows the use of a range of colours, 15% higher than the one used in alternative technologies.
  • Creates images 10 times thinner than other printing processes
  • Configuration of a Nano graphy printer is very efficient: it consumes less energy and ink and does not need traditional printing plaques …..

The new printers have not been launched on the market yet as they still being tested.

Who is Benny Landa

Israeli entrepreneur Benny Landa revolutionized the printing industry once he launched the first digital printer Indigo E-rint 1000, almost 25 years ago. Using this printer clients were able to order in small series. The new technology invented by Landa had such a success that Indigo Company (he founded back in 1977) soon became market leader on digital printing industry.

Digital printing technology inventor comes now with a new discovery meant to make a second revolution in digital printing: the use of nanopigments in printing process. Landa Digital Printing, the printing division of Landa Group, developed printing technology by using nanography as well as a printing line with Nanographic Printing that allows using this technology in mainstream applications.

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