Speed and technology are two of the most important symbols of the world we live in. We are witnessing new evolutions and transformations that do not bypass business environment. In our crazy rush for new clients, business transforms and reinvents itself and digital signage sector is no exception.

Today, DIGITAL SIGNAGE transforms business models in many industries, offers clients a much more personal experience and reaches the market way faster due to innovative technologies. At the end, everything turns into profit.

Wanting to provide Southeast European market the opportunity to be up to date with the latest interactive technologies in the field as well as with the innovative solutions of digital display we created DIGITAL SIGNAGE, an exhibition we want to turn into a profitable and exciting experience.

The exhibition will benefit from the presence of the leader companies in digital signage and many other companies from the local market, offering the perfect setting for business environment interaction in Southeast Europe.

For four days, DIGITAL SIGNAGE will be a trade show of technology and innovation enhanced by the presence of well-targeted professional visitors, decision makers in key industries. Auditory will have access to a wide range of digital signage equipment, display systems, touchscreens and plenty of related gadgets.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE will mark new trends by showcasing innovative digital displays and interactive technology solutions for customers and employee communications.

Digital Signage

DIGITAL SIGNAGE is held together with PRINT&SIGN between September 26th and 29th 2017 in the central pavilion of Romepxo Exhibition Center, in Bucharest, Romania.

Enter to DIGITAL SIGNAGE world and discover new and successful business solution!

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