PrintTex Conference


The PrintTex Conference, an event dedicated to trends and innovations in textile printing industry takes place on October 10th, 2019, from 11:00 am, in B1 Hall of the Romexpo Exhibition Center, Bucharest.

Find out the latest trends in digital textile printing from Mark Jarvis, Managing Director of WTiN, Massimiliano Celeri, Business Development Manager Efi Reggiani, and other local and international industry representatives.

• What are the challenges of fashion designers and interior designers versus technological developments in the digital textile print sector?

• What does the customization of textiles mean for the development of digital printing companies?

• How far has hyper-personalization gone, the trend so much loved by the Millennials generation?

All these topics and many more, equally interesting, will be debated in Bucharest, in the most awaited conference in the field.

Among the speakers

Andrei PENA, moderator

Publisher at “Dialog Textil” magazine (launched in 1995) – and “Constructiv” (since 2001) – , Andrei Pena has over 20 years experience in specialized press.

He is also the founder of the “Inspired Association”, organizing the creativity contest INSPIRED and member of the jury at IMB Innovation Award (2006)

Mark JARVIS, Director General WTiN

Massimiliano Celeri, Business Development Manager Efi Reggiani

Speaker on the topic: Digitization and multiple printing options for fashion design and interior design.

Massimiliano is one of the youngest managers from Efi Reggiani, the global leader of integrated solutions for digital textile printing.

Electrical engineer by profession, he joined Efi Reggiani in 2014 after winning several international electronics and automation Olympics.

Karl Gruber, Sales Manager SIOEN Industries

Speaker on the topic: Future of Technical textiles

A professor of textile sciences and applied engineering, Karl graduated from the most important university in the world in this field, Anhalt University of Applied Science.Karl Gruber has over 19 years experience as sales manager within SIOEN Industries, the world leader in the production of technical textiles and professional protective equipment.

Mirela TRAISTARU, visual artist

Speaker on the topic: Designers challenges and benefits of technology developments

Mirela graduated Fashion Design and Painting from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca. She presented over 60 personal exhibitions in Romania, the United States, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, India, South Korea, Denmark, Japan and Egypt and participated in more than 120 collective exhibitions. The artist also experimented art films and plays, creating costumes and decorations for important shows. Thus, she worked with renowned directors like Lucian Giurchescu, Alexandru Tocilescu, Ion Lucian, Sanda Manu, Anca Colteanu, Chris Simion and Gelu Colceag, and also with actors like Stefan Iordache, Alexandru Repan, Sebastian Papaiani, Ioana Bulca or Sanda Toma.

Olivia JIPPA, Marketing Manager Verla

Speaker on the topic: The benefits of digital textile printing technologies Olivia Jippa has been managing the marketing department of Verla for over six years, one of the main providers of advertising and interior decoration solutions in Romania.

Ruxandra CHIVU, Interior designer, UnArte, representative, Textile Design and textile Art department

Speaker on the topic: Textile design, from concept to production.

Ruxandra graduated Design and Decorative Art Faculty from National University of Art (UNARTE) as well as a doctoral program in political sciences and marketing expertise and product design under the brand “Fêtes des Tissus”. Now, she is product designer (freelancer) in textiles and decorations.

Andra DANAILA, General Manager Update Advertising

Speaker on the topic: Hyper-personalization – a trend for the Millennials

For over 17 years, Andra Danaila has been managing the company Update Advertising, one of the leaders on the promotional items market in Romania, with over 2000 active clients. The company is a member of the professional associations in the field, Promotional Services Institute (PSI – Europe).She graduated the Romanian Diplomatic Institute (licence in Diplomacy and Security), and also the University of Economic Studies in Bucharest (Marketing and Commerce).

Ioan BALASA, General Manager Mons Medius

Speaker on the topic: Textile digital printing and cutting – from sampling to industry 4.0)

Ioan Balasa has been running Mons Medius company since its completion in 1994. He established strong partnerships and followed the needs of his clients. He never neglected any details, analyzed each step and weighted very decision.  Today, Mons Medius is a reliable consultant and supplier of digital printing solutions and integrator of textile digital cutting solutions for advertising industry, leather and textile industry and other creative industries.

Bogdan VASILESCU, General Manager Grup Transilvae

Speaker on the topic: Digital printing and finishing potential

Bogdan Vasilescu is one of the most involved providers of complete solutions and services for the graphic industry in Romania. The Grup Transilvae (Hewlett-Packard Industrial Printing Solutions Europe partner for the entire HP wide and super wide print portfolio, but also Canon CEE) has grown with the market, constantly innovating and educating an industry that it wanted to keep the step with foreign markets.Bogdan Vasilescu is a passionate art collector. He loves the works of Horia Damian and Paul Neagu. Indeed, GT is one of the sponsors of the National Museum of Contemporary Art.