8 reasons to visit PRINT&SIGN

You have to touch to know what you want

…because sometimes you have to touch things to make the final decision in the purchase process. There is no better place to explore digital printing equipment at full scale- its appearance and functionality – and find the best solution for challenges in production chain.

Digital printing offers endless possibilities

Digital printing has long reached interior design applicability. Today it also offers endless possibilities for many industries like beverages, cosmetics, electronics and hose appliances, automotive, furniture or construction. Objects become mesmerizing. Architects and designers, furniture and equipment manufacturers and suppliers, exhibition stand builders, advertising agencies and marketers will all find a wide selection of key suppliers, news and innovations at PRINT & SIGN.

Discover visual communication solutions that stimulate all senses

Digital printing on all types of materials, signage, promotional items, digital signage and innovative packaging – they all offer new solutions for a 360 ° visual communication, and PRINT&SIGN brings together all the fields of visual communication. And one thing is clear: visual communication stimulates all senses, charms, amazes and its effects last a long time.

You gain your competitive advantage

The technologies and solutions presented by the more than 550 international brands can give you access to new ways to make business more efficient and increase productivity in an unexpected way.

Develop new markets for your business

PRINT&SIGN offers a 360-degree overview of visual communication and new opportunities to find new markets for your business. Discover the offers of the 150 exhibitors, over 550 brands and LIVE demonstrations of the 100 product launches within the fair.

Bring your ideas to life

At PRINT & SIGN you can find out the latest trends of the digital printing industry, get in touch with international experts and explore the best solutions to bring your ideas to life.

Print Your Interior

For the first time at PRINT & SIGN, this year we have prepared a specially designed space, where you can find all types of printable materials, as well as digital printed objects and samples: chairs and armchairs digitally printed: sofas, desks, cabinets, pillows, bedding, rugs, table cloths, curtains and curtains, paintings and wall decorations, lamps and vases.

Five related events

With the presence of sound names at European level and prestigious local speakers: Mark Jarvis (Managing Director of WTiN), Massimiliano Celeri (Business Development Manager at Efi Reggiani), Dio Boaca (General manager of Phoenix Media),  Mid Ocean, world leader in promotional items, Andra Danaila (General Manager of Update Advertising), Ioan Balasa (General Manager of Mons Medius).